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Im gonna start at the very beginning of the movie. I just love the music arrangements at the very beginning, when the scene showed “all children grow up. Except one” *aaaaaa-aaaaaa*. I was just trying to sing it :D if you havent watched this, you better, cause this movie is so good & magical. Ive watched this million times & never got bored. I never do.

1.                  1. Jason Isaac did a very good job in playing his parts, George Darling & Hook. First, I love it when George Darling tried to make a quick conversation with his boss. The moment when he stuttered like this: “um-uh-sp-sp” when he tried to say ‘splendid’. That was hilarious :D. Second, Hook’s expression when he couldn’t understand Princess Tiger Lilly’s language. Third, the moment when he said “how like a girl” to Wendy. It’s a funny sarcasm. Fourth, his legendary self-writing song *to-toooral-looral-loooo*.

2.                   2. Wendy Darling’s lips. What a perfect pout. She looked so gorgeous in her school uniforms and her braid hair.

3.                   3. Peter Pan himself. His adorable face, SMILE, LAUGHTER (it's haunting me…in a good way, so I had to press caps-lock button), tears & sobs, innocence, sweetness. All that. Falling for him over & over again. Oh & one more thing which was really powerful. His magic wordsss *I-DO-BELIEVE-IN-FAIRIES-I –DO-I-DO*

4.                    4.  Tinkerbell!!! Yesss. Her gestures & mimicks were so sensational.

5.                   5. Mr. Smee. Oooh my he’s a quite mean yet hilarious, kind-hearted pirate. The best scene of him is when he made his funny laughter then said “did you hear her hit the water? Cause I didn’t.”

6.                   6. The Lost Boys’ expressions when Peter Pan hid between them to save them on the boat.

7.                   7. THIS! When Peter & Wendy crawled to watched fairy’s dance. Peter smiled at Wendy & held her hand :’). When they watched the dance, Peter smiled with his heart at Wendy & turned his face straightly as soon as Wendy noticed it :D. And they did a magical fairy dance :’) Peter loved Wendy so deeply but too consistent not to grow up & troubled by feelings.

8.                8.That dramatic scene when Hook’s trying to bring Peter down by breaking his heart & talking about Wendy leaving him. Peter looked so crushed & way too sad, until he chose to die cause he couldn’t have Wendy anyway. And then, of course, THE KISS, or you may call it 'the thimble', changed him ;)

Everyone, every single one of you who took a part of making this movie, did a REALLY GREAT JOB!

To live… would be an awfully big adventure,

Firisa Ardianti

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