Can Money Buy Happiness?

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"Money can't buy happiness". "Money can buy happiness. Don't be so naïve.

I've heard these arguments million times, because it's indeed arguable and it depends on people's personal perspectives. So i want to try to enlighten you with a theory from Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project (self-help book). I found it quite fair and objective.

"Can money help buy happiness? The answer: yes, used wisely, it can. Whether rich or poor, people make choices about how they spend money, and those choices can boost happiness or undermine it. It's a mistake to assume that money will affect everyone the same way. No statistical average could say how a particular individual would be affected by money - depending on that individual's circumstances and temperament. After a lot of thinking, I identified three factors that shape the significance of money to individuals:

It depends on what kind of person you are.
Money has a different value to different people. You might love to collect modern art, or you might love to rent old movies. You might have six children and ailing, dependent parents, or you might have no children and robust parents. You might love to travel, or you might prefer to putter around the house. You might care about eating organic, or you might be satisfied with the cheapest choices at the grocery store.

It depends on how you spend your money.
Some purchases are more likely to contribute to your happiness than others. You might buy cocaine, or you might buy a dog. You might splurge on a big-screen TV, or you might splurge on a new bike.

It depends on how much money you have relative to the people around you and relative to your own experience.
One person's fortune is another person's misfortune. 

You decide.


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