The Dharmawangsa : Bimasena spa & Majapahit Lounge afternoon tea experience

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Last Tuesday I was invited by The Dharmawangsa to experience its signature massage named Bimasena Signature Massage for 90 minutes. It was really incredible since its purpose was to make the body fit, fresh & healthy again.

 Before the treatment began, I waited here. The room is so comfy I felt sleepy already. I was asked to fill some kind of agreement sheet so they really knew what's best for me, my health condition & that I agreed about the treatment I received.

First was footbath. This is the only treatment's picture I share due to personal reason. The rest was a super energizing massage.

 I chose to drink ginger tea after the spa & it tasted so good.

The place where I drank my ginger tea.

After that, I received another generous invitation from The Dharmawangsa to enjoy its famous afternoon tea set at Majapahit Lounge. Couldn't say no to desserts, could we?

This was the western snacks. There were beef carpaccio, finger sandwich,black rice with salmon & cheese,chocolate mousse, macaron,raisin scones,creme brulee & mini cakes (The bold ones were things that I ate). I also got to taste the local desserts such as kue cucur & pastel, believe me.. their kue cucur is so good it's crunchy & sweet. The savory bites I tried were samosa.

This was the raisin scones. I added the raspberry compote to make it even more delicious. It's so yummy.

 For the tea, I ordered chamomile tea & I also added a wedge of lemon & a little bit of honey.

Overall, me & the manager of The Dharmawangsa ordered jasmine tea & chamomile tea. All tea come from Jing.

It was such a pleasurable visit. The food was so delightful I was so full that day.

Thank you.

ps: all these experiences were given due to the write-ups for HSBC's Wealth & Beyond magazine.

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