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You know for the last couple of weeks, mom and I had this serious daily beauty healthy routine to keep us going. Actually mom's more fanatic with this routine and it's a good thing so i can just follow and use anything she made. That's the perks of being a daughter i guess.

FIrst of all, it's purely natural homemade mask for face and neck. The mask that mom and i make is not actually look like the image above but it kinda represents what i mean. Mom just goes crazy with the mixture of her mask. She can add strawberries, lemon juice, banana, egg white, olive oil, even skin nutrient capsule or tablet! She crushes it. Yes. She just goes NUTS in making and blending it in the blender. The basic elements for the mask for us are egg white and olive oil. They do good for skin. Very easy, just apply the mask onto the face and neck and wait for like 20 minutes. Just dont forget the neck part.
Next is fresh smoothies. Then again, mom just goes crazy and keep experimenting with the ingredients. The basic ingredients that she usually picks are strawberries and banana. For the additional ingredients she adds lemon juice, broccoli, celery, papaya, apple, anything available in our refrigerator. That's her signature smoothie. One day she made this incredibly weird flavour of smoothie that was really unflattering. It was the mixture of avocado and thick paste of dates. It tasted so bad like you wouldnt believe. You can guess she forced us to finish it. It's like a nightmare. Thus, the last thing you can do is drink the smoothie in style like Rosie did.
This is the most basic thing that you will always need for the rest of your life. Super moisturizer. For me, the best time to apply it is at bedtime, the minute before you hit the bed. It will help you to regenerate your face and neck skin. Because at daytime, it's better to use SPF instead. Tbh i dont do this very often but i manage.



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