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You might not believe me that the title of this blog is actually the brand of the product. I know, it's a long one. I'm talking about homemade natural lip scrub here that I bought yesterday from my college pal Yovia who has interest in making a range of beauty products. Fascinating business choice really *fascinated*. This lip scrub is in maple syrup flavour (I told you it is fascinating right?).  DELISH! Even other customers just buy it as a snack... I told her to make it in a bigger jar, cause people would keep licking their lips & dipping their fingers into the scrub. Even the smell of it makes me want to spread it on toasts. Cray.

How to use: just simply apply it to your lips, rub it gently, & rinse it with water. Put on lip balm/stain/tint/gloss/stick or whatever that is after that. Generally, in a recommended way, you can use lip scrub once a week.

You will no longer familiar with darkened & dry lips.

Your lips are no longer in a drought *kiss*

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