Songs-on-Repeat in My Childhood

by - 12:39 AM

When i listen to the songs that i will mention below, they just bring back so many memories of my childhood. i used to listen to these songs like everyday, took most of my time listening to them. and now i can use this playlist as a quick getaway from nowadays Top 40 charts... one thing that i'm really sure about is the fact that dads do influence their daughter's taste of music. maybe it's like a lifetime achievement for them, i dont know.

1. mr. jones by counting crows
2. everything you want by vertical horizon
3. short skirt/long jacket by cake
4. lost in space by lighthouse family
5. adia by sarah mclachlan
6. gravity by embrace
7. (everything from the corrs) *anexception*
8. beautiful ones by suedes
9. dont say you love me by m2m *thissongwastoosweetbackthen*
10. shiver by coldplay

sometimes i picture and imagine myself singing on stage with the guitar, with my bandmates, the drummer and another guitarist. that would be.......

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