If I Stay (movie): Adam Wilde of Willamette Stone

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He is one of the movie characters that I wish to be real. If you have watched 'If I Stay', you will know what I mean. This movie basically has a really beautiful story that made me tear up, especially in the last parts. But what I found most powerful in this movie that really brought it to the high level of total sweetness lies on a senior boy in high school named Adam Wilde. Why, you ask? Here's why:

1.For starter, he sees the beauty of a girl (well in this case, Mia) that no one had ever discovered before. He keeps peeking on her playing cello. I love the idea of a boy who peeks at a girl while she's doing her thing haha.

2.He has a life. He sings in a cool band, Willamette Stone, which has a cool genre & got lots of gigs. He sings cool songs, for example like 'Today' by the Smashing Pumpkins. Cool song for boys to sing.

3.Even though he has a cool successful life, he is not selfish. Well yeah at first he was because of the impacts of his dark personal life in family. But then he realized that he had to change if he didn't want to lose the only 'family' he got, Mia. He doesn't want to be the jerk who limits his girl to reach her dream.

4.He doesn't care about his girl's looks. You know the terrible time for girls when they're  worried about their look in front of their BFs because they might not like it. Adam Wilde is different. He doesn't care if his girl's style looks sweet or rebellious because he's too in love with her true personality. That's the boy worth keeping.

5.He makes time & shows his efforts without being too much. He climbs to his girl's room (except for this one, maybe). He gives a beautiful charm bracelet. He decorates his girl's room ceiling. He listens. He's humble. And all the sweetnesses of him. I know. This boy surely knows how to melt something, or someone.

Adam may be similar with Augustus Waters in 'The Fault in Our Stars' but I think Adam is more relevant in the real world because at least there's the time when he put his own thing before anyone else's & fought with his girl. I mean, every relationship has a fight, right?

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