Shot by Karl Lagerfeld - Chanel's 'Reincarnation'

by - 8:11 PM

Karl Lagerfeld is an absolute brilliant. His short films are so classic, timeless, luxurious, filled with things that can totally blow me away. I think to be a part of his film project is a huge honor and extremely enviable job. Speaking of which, let us go back to his recent breathtaking film project, "Reincarnation", related to his buzzing Chanel fashion show in Austria. The set is classically beautiful with extraordinary people who starred in this film, Cara Delevingne, Pharrell Williams, and Géraldine Chaplin

1. The paintings of Cara up on the wall. 
 I dont know who painted this, and i dont know if this is a real painting or just some kind of extremely hi-tech effect. I love how the painting captures Cara's expression. It looks mysterious and classy. It really illustrates Cara as a true English royal lady, with the perfect pout and rosy cheeks.

2.Cara actually sang.
She totally sang her parts well. For an unprofessional singer, she sounded perfect though. With her sexy low British voice, she could totally sing beautifully I think. So she could balance herself with Pharrell for their singing duet on this film.

3.They were actually freestyling!
This is the cute part for me I think. It shows that even though royal people seem so formal but sometimes they can just loosen up a little bit, even with a slow and flowy music. Cool dance moves. 

One more thing that i love about this movie is the boy that appeared in this movie. He even walked for Chanel's Salzburg fashion show. Fancy.

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