No! This can't be happening!

by - 8:58 PM

Please, i want people behind this brand to stop torturing me! I read an article this morning and it informed me that Oreo has another flavor now, and it is RED VELVET! Generally Oreo in a very basic flavor is already yummy, but now it has a cream cheese filling....? I haven't tasted it though but I bet this limited edition sandwich biscuit has mouth-watering taste. Look how tempting it is!!! This would be another comfort food for me. I actually like the idea of making it limited so we won't get bored of it too easily, and the feeling that will come with it when we have it for the first time, so amazing, and you feel so satisfied. I hope it's available in Indonesia, can't wait to bite it, munch it while I sip a plain milk at the same time...joyful time. A quote 'Bahagia itu sederhana' is totally true.
Well if you are out of patience to taste the incredible Red Velvet Oreo, you can get creative with Original Oreo itself! Just mix it with red velvet mixtures or something. At least you will get the taste of red velvet+Oreo simultaneously. Look at the image above, pretty delish right? It's fluffy, soft, gooey, creamy, heaven's in your mouth...

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