Archie & Friends are Heart-Stealers

by - 8:22 PM

For a start, I am truly sorry if you got bored of hearing this but I LOVE ARCHIE SO MUCH! It's American old school comic series that still exist until this very second. From time to time, it hasn't changed a bit. It still wonderfully funny and amusing! Have you ever related to some kind of daily activities, thoughts, conversations, and feeling that you found in stories or anything? That's what I'm feeling when I read Archie stories. I feel like "Yeah this is so me!" or "Yeah i do the same thing too!". I'm writing this in the middle of the pouring rain and I think the thunders are as excited as me. I don't know.
I don't know. For me, between Archie & Jughead there's a weird chemistry that only people who read Archie series can understand. They're there for each other, but not that helpful. Let's see if i can explain this in an easier way. They help each other but if it's too difficult for them to help, then one of them would just...go. That is what Jughead would do most of the time actually. So. I love Jughead so much, instead of Archie. Jughead, I imagine in real life, would be the perfect guy to just sit with, have a cool conversation with, and eat with. I like boys who like eating so much. 

The stories. The way the creators make silly jokes and conversation between the characters is unbelieveably creative. Just some one stupid simple statement can really crack a smile outta me.

The fashion sense of Betty and Veronica. They remind me of a simple, vintage, American highschool girls style which is awesome and totally cool. Who could resist dresses, tights, high-waisted pants, polka shirts, kitten heels, jumpsuit, and blow-out hair in a circling era like this? And the boys, with the varsity jacket, basic t-shirts, blue jeans, sneakers, and hats. Adorable.

The lifestyle. I love the idea of sitting in a local diner eating burgers, pizza, and drinking milkshakes, which could be seen in Archie's stories. They go to Pop Tate's most of the time and just have fun and talk and be with your peers. They got so close with Pop and even volunteering for him. They're like family.



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