The Cereal Paradise

by - 11:48 PM

It's like I was struck by lightning. I read an article on Broadsheet Australia about cereal and not just about regular cereal but POP-UP CEREAL CAFE! This is so unusual, I mean you can find or buy cereal very easily but knowing the fact that someone has a plan to open a cafe/restaurant that specifically serves cereal....? BRILLIANT. So you get to experience and taste different cereals that you rarely buy or find in just one place! I'm talking about Cereals Anytime, a cereal cafe that will open on February 12th at Swan Street Chamber of Commerce, 214 Swan Street, Richmond, Australia. Not only serving a cereal experience but it will also educate people about nutritious meals. How cool. All you Australians must be very excited about this...

You know that most people like cereal, even the hardest rockstar like Craig Nichols from The Vines would kill for cereals. Bryan Robertson, the creator of this cafe, has a very out-of-the-box idea to make a place for people to enjoy cereals and get appropriate informations about healthy meals. It's important because I think restaurants have responsibilities to give foods & beverages in a good quality, and it's better to inform people about their food's nutrition facts and stuff. 

So let's go to Australia, one of the best melting pots in the world!!!


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