Local Musicians to be Considered

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Personally i always go for westerns musicians when i need to hear songs, most of the time, but sometimes they sound kinda overrated to me. So i go to these musicians for a change. For me they have very different lyrics, they can find rather unusual words or idioms, or phrases for their songs, and it really means something, something so thoughtful, deep, and beautiful. They are not new in the industry, and probably have loads of groupies or fans already, but i want to just write it down for you and i've always been their admirer.

Monty Tiwa

Well he's not really a musician actually, he's a film-maker, but he sings a song called "Kosong", which is very gloomy and has that hopelessness feeling. The lyrics can relate to everyone, i think everyone has ever felt that empty feeling in this happy yet mad rollercoaster called life even just a little bit. The simple melodies and harmonies complete the emotional feelings of the song.

Payung Teduh

This is my all time favourite! They can creatively write songs and one thing that i admire the most from them is their music arrangements. It's absolutely beautiful. They got some serious instrument skills as well. And their musics sound so Indonesian, which is amazing! Not all general musicians choose this kind of genre willingly. I'm so glad for them for making their musics sounds the way they are so they can give a different 'color' when things feel just the same these days...
I could simply write and make a list of my favourite local musicians but i think these two are my most favourite so far, so.

images: youtube.com, jurnalwarga.com

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