Norwegian Beauty: Marion Raven

by - 11:06 PM

Remember this dreamy girly innocent face? Marion is absolute Norwegian rose, with that snow-white skin, rosy cheeks, long dark wavy hair, and slim fit figure, not to mention her sweet angelic voice. I've been looking for the perfect person to be my writing inspiration where i can talk about beauty. Found it! From the era of her ultimate duo/girlband, M2M, with another Norwegian charmer Marit Larsen, she was quite a queen back then. She still looks like one until today, ha.

Gorgeouuuuuuuusss!!! Double. Double double double! Just look at that enviable hair and make-up. She totally pulled it off. What a genius hair and make up artist. It's even better if she's done it herself.

Just pouring her heart into music.

Simple boho-chic style on stage, along with her natural long brown hair in a middle-parting way.



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