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I think this is the most heart-breaking breakup in a British relationship history. I mean, the girl is a fashion model/writer/designer/favourite muse of various world brands and the boy is a musician/poetic lyricist. You dont get this kind of combination every day. Not to mention they got some serious killer fashion senses. They're both absolutely good-looking, physically. They were together for 4 years more or less which was not a short space of time. I've always wondered what went down with them, basically because i haven't read Alexa's The It Book, she said that some parts of the contents were about brokenhearts.

Sigh. Another British perfect combination. Suki and Miles were an item and of course they have same mutual friends, none other than Alexa and Alex. Suki and Alexa must've been associated in their big world of fashion, and Alex and Miles unite in The Last Shadow Puppets. Sometimes Miles even supports Alex for Arctic Monkeys concert, like filling in for guitar parts for the songs called 'Plastic Tramp' and '505'. Being in the same circle of friends might be a little tricky though. They both looked so cool together, both on and off duty.

Cute. They modeled for Burberry campaign along with her adorable brother, Alex. Emma also supported George for One Night Only's music video "Say You Don't Want It". Great song that one. George even licked Emma in that video. Whew so much heat. Their favourite date? Music festivals. Wasn't he lucky to date a brightest and classy girl in the world? I think he was. 

They have the cutest baby boy called Flynn. It was one hell of a news when I first heard it. They said they became friends ever since (wow the dog is dead but let's keep it!). Yay way to go, people! The woman was just an ordinary pretty girl from Australia who won  GIRLFRIEND magazine modelling search, then started to fly west to east and became world's gorgeous model who married to a gentleman. Cool background story.

I just fall in love with this pair. For no reason. Indescribable. It's on the tip of my tongue though, but.

I didn't know about this in the first place but I think they were such a great old vintage couple. It's Scarlett Johansson and Jack Antonoff. They looked better in that look and look how great Jack's hair was! They were stormed by Hollywood glam after that.

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