Guilty Pleasure: On The Road Again Tour Indonesia 2015

by - 3:13 AM

I'm just posting these photos for my private consumption actually. So i can access these photos again whenever i want if i didn't have any back-up data. And i took them with my Blackberry, so i'm sorry for the not-so-good quality of the pictures. The memories stay in my mind.

These are Louis' photographs. I took so many photos of him because he stood in front of me so often so i can took it easily. Tell you what, he looked a lot better in real life......... and it's not big of a deal when he looked at me for seconds.

Now these are Harry's photographs. He didn't look that charming that night because he pulled back his hair with hair tie, so. As usual, he blew kisses and showered the crowds with mineral water.

This is the one that i was dying to meet, to see very clearly, Niall James Horan. I looked at his face & figures so clearly.

I am so glad and i am so thankful i had the chance to see them live and so clear. I can conclude that Louis & Niall.......what a display of men i've ever seen.......................

This is embarrassing but pleasurable.

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