The Best French Thriller Novel: Alex

by - 8:56 PM

I got this novel from my friend, Derina, about a month ago as a gift for my thesis defense. The first time i looked at the cover, i got excited about this book already. I read the reviews and found out that this book was about killings and torturing. I was like, whoa okay. Then I started  to read it. The plot of the story is set in France which makes it more interesting. And i flipped pages to pages. I was blown away. This book is genius. Lemaitre tells every single detail about the tortures that the antagonist did. I was not really sure if i could handle this and i didn't know if i could keep reading this, because when i read something, i would imagine things that happen in the story. So of course i imagined the tortures, killings, and the evil things that written in the story. I was all ready to throw up, believe me. That's a complete horror.

This version of cover is even creepier. I say this book is genius because Lemaitre reveals the dark secrets that you haven't thought before at the end of the story, and i'm not saying this generally but i think it's really unpredictable. You should read this. So thank you Derina. This Alex book becomes series, there are Camille, and Irene. So excited.  


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