How I Love ED by Ellen Degeneres

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Recently i just made myself so embarrassed. I just noticed that Ellen Degeneres has a killer fashion sense. Not by wearing too avant-garde thing or any glamorous dress (I doubt she would wear it), but by wearing elegant and simplistic outfit like suits, shirts and trousers that are perfectly fitted, and nice unisex footwears.

The good news is she launched her own fashion line whooooooooooo! It's called ED by Ellen Degeneres and I love every single piece of the collections. It has sweaters and knitwears, shirts, trousers, tees, and jackets with a full reflection of Ellen. You can say, "oh it's sooo Ellen."

Now this is my favorite from knitwear collections. It's a classic tennis sweater with lovely pastel and navy color. With a nice touch of classic watches, you'll look effortlessly cool.

Kindness. That's the word Ellen always spreads. So unsurprisingly Ellen put the word onto a tee. A really nice tee indeed. That's the tee worth wearing.

YES! A nice trouser with a nice and perfect cutting. Suitable with almost everything. Thank Ellen. Imagine yourself slipping your hands into its pockets to create a cool appearance... 

Shirts+Seersucker Jacket+Shorts all by ED by Ellen Degeneres=perfect chic and boyish look. I love it, top to bottom.

PLATES! CERAMIC PLATES! How adorable. They will make your food worth to post on Instagram right? They're handmade, handpainted in Thailand (another wow factor), and safe for dishwasher and microwave.

ED by Ellen Degeneres also has ranges of accesories like totes, caps, and cute animal jewelries for basic and daily usage. Irresistible.

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