My Dream Homecooks: Brothers Green

by - 9:33 PM

You know how chefs should always be creative and innovative and should think out of the box and stuff? I think these two bastards in cooking did a good job, let's say for making a food to eat and fill the stomach. That's it. Who cares about plating and garnishes or representation. It's gonna be eaten anyway. Boys got the point there. I would want a kitchen like theirs, and i would want to have them as my homecooks, especially when i have absolutely nothing to eat, combine, fry, etc. Because...THEY CAN ABSOLUTELY CREATE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING. They look quite innocent, right? But they are not, innocent. They have so much cheats & hacks for cooking.

I mean, who can possibly add bubblegums to homemade savory sauce just to get a little sweetness? Just, what exactly are they thinking. Hilariously good, they are. Besides making ridiculously weird and mouthwatering dishes, they can totally kill the boredoms if they became my personal homecooks by showing their silly acts. Bonus.

They sing.

They're having fun.

They explore.

They're the it guys.

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