Beauty Kits from Japan

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For me,Japan is a very well-thought country. Every tools are made with good thinkings with oh-so-cute packaging and literally make our lives easier. It happens to their beauty kits as well. When I was in Japan, I found so much products at their local drug stores that are sooo so so interesting. Here are some of them:

MENTHOLATUM Medicated Lip Stick

I was running out of lip balm, and relying on my favorite NYX Butter Lips only. But it wasn't enough. Because of the cold and windy weather in Japan that time (I went there in May 2016), my lips became chapped, dry and cracked. It was not comfortable really. Then I found this product, it was very cheap. It says 'Quick relief: for dry, chapped and cracked lips'. It's a best-buy for sure. It's more of a menthol balm actually without any color but it's so good. I love the texture and the benefits it gives me.

 KOSE Disney SPF50 Spray

 It has other variants such as Toy Story. I picked the Minnie Mouse one instead, it is so cute. This sun-protector spray is genius, it gives you an appropriate protection because of its high level of factor. The texture is so soft, as well as the scent. You can use it on your hair and body, but I recommend not to use it on your face. It is also lightweight so you can easily bring it with you in your bag. I definitely didn't need this much when I was in Japan but I think it would be a nice investment for me when I'm back in Jakarta.

Country & Stream Honey Nail Treatment Oil

The oil literally smells like honey. The texture is good, not to slimy like the usual oil. 

The applicator is a soft brush at the tip of the tube, so this product is super user-friendly. Just press the tube gently until the oil comes out.

Healthy-looking nail afterwards!

K-Palette Eye Tatoo

I tried the brown color. This eyeliner is really long-lasting. Even tough it's long-lasting, it is so easy to be removed - in my case with baby oil - and not leaving any stain.

Disney Rapunzel Lip Gloss

I bought this at the official store of Disney. There are many options - Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella etc - the theme is the famous Disney princesses. Since I liked Tangled a lot, I chose the Rapunzel. Generally it is a regular clear lip gloss.

After all, there are all satisfying. Love Japanese cosmetics and beauty care products!

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