T by Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2016

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The first time I saw the collections, I was really amazed by them. It is such a genius combination of clothes. Look at the layers... It has that edgy twist which brings a super fashionable vibe to the outfit.

The suede brown jacket is super lovely.

The example of an effortless look to go to the market for a quick shopping to buy daily needs.

What a cool yet cozy outfit... I can tell how comfortable it is.

This could be a stylish office outfit. I would wear them with loafers, sneakers or pointy heels though.

I sense a feminine-tomboy vibe. #love

I desperately want this look. Wang brings the on-trend off-shoulder style and he pairs it smartly. It is an instant chic. You don't even need to wear any clothes - it already gives you a statement on your outfit.

A smart pick for a casual day out.

This is one of my most favorite collections. It is actually a simple shirt combined with a tee, but Wang is so genius by unbottoning some of the lower buttons of the shirt and making a knot at the front of the tee. The result is the impression of a single blouse, but it is actually not.

All white ensemble never fails.

Overall, these collections are something to keep an eye on.

images by vogue.com

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