Riverdale: The one I'm so obsessed with

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I've been reading Archie comics for years and actually I've heard the news before that these series was planned to be a TV series. But it didn't go anywhere. And now the major lightning has struck. On Facebook, i follow Archie Comics page and they posted Cole Sprouse's (*excited*) picture with Jughead Jones as the background, saying that he would play that character. This built my excitement because Cole got so cool as an adult and he represents my favorite character of the comic.

I've wanted to post this so bad since the beginning, now the mood of writing has finally arrived. 

The casts are so suitable (and good-looking) for the Archie characters. I think that they successfully make the show even more alive. No other actor/actress can replace them, i guess. They got some serious acting skills there.

Cole Sprouse. I think that he is the one who makes me so eager to watch this show. At first, i heard that Ezra Miller-which is also my favorite actor-got offered for the part. But then i found out it was Cole who took it.. i couldn't be happier. Back to Cole. I can't post this blog without saving a space for him :D He definitely pulls the iconic hat off perfectly. With that sarcastic, observing attitude... love love love. Personally i can relate to Jughead because i own that attitude too, and i'm a writer as well, so. You can head on to http://firisaardianti.tumblr.com/ to see more of Cole :p

i am SO IN LOVE with this set! It becomes REALLY REAL! i give my biggest admiration to those involved in creating this. THANK YOU!

So i can say that these series is 100% worth watching. The drama is excitingly mysterious and the team is still keeping the old ambience of Archie Comics. Even though there are some twists in the plot, but for me it's not that disappointing so far.

Oh, did i mention that this tv show has an incredible taste of music for its soundtracks? My favorite is Trouble by Cage The Elephant.

Can't wait to watch the upcoming episodes!

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