GLICO WINGS Haku Green Tea ice cream

by - 11:19 PM

Finallyyyyy the wait is over! I've been dying to taste those delicious ice creams from Glico Wings which i think (sorry if i'm mistaken) come from the same group company as Glico Pocky. They are available at the convenience store at my office so it is very comfortable for me to go have them. This one flavour is my ultimate go-to so far which I'm really exciting about.

Let's talk about the packaging first. It has a similar box just like Pocky with the front opener, love!

Kind of important.

It comes with a thoughtful package. It's clean and neat. Quality comes first, guys. It follows the Japanese culture - always thorough when it comes to packaging.

Look at that smooth, green coating... The size for me is quite satisfying, not too big that will be overwhelming.

When i had a bite, it produced happiness... the ice cream is light and refreshing and fragrant with a good taste of green tea, and the outer green coating balances them all with its sweet milky flavor.

Overall, i will repurchase this :)

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