Hey it's May 9th, 2017!

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Helloooo it's been a while since I created the latest post. I've been thinking on writing something but haven't found the one that's worth a post, and now I'm back! Haha it's good to be back. This time, I actually don't write about something in particular-something about fashion, food and stuff-but I just want to share what I've been doing and working on.


Maybe not as cute as this (in a lace stop, sitting on a furry rug, and working with Macbook), but this is what takes my time the most - writing. I've been working on IN-FINITE Senayan City magazine project and going out for events like fashion shows and product launches. It's been very fun actually!

Obsessing over Cole Sprouse and Yamazaki Kento


 I think I've explained enough about Cole on my previous post. As for Kento, the first time I recognized him was when I watched A Girl & Three Sweethearts. Since then, I follow his updates and catch up with his previous movies like Orange, Heroine Disqualified and Mare (tv series). He acts adorably on tv commercials as well (which sometimes make me out of breath).

Watching makeup tutorials and people's routines on Youtube

I do this mostly everyday haha! It's really fascinating. My favorite people to watch are Rachel Nguyen, Fashion Mumblr, Sazan Hendrix, Rachel Talbott, Jessica Clements, and many more...

Watching Detective Conan the series

 Fyi, I don't want to miss every single episode of it. I absolutely fall in love with Kudo Shinichi, the character I wish he existed in the real world. The stories are amazingly genius, I love to find out the tricks behind the murder of the cases. Plus, there are so many eye candies in the story like Hattori Heiji, Kaito Kid, and Hakuba Saguru. I've reached ep. 530 and still going on. 

Living my life


Of course I have ups and downs but I'm trying to cope with it. There are times when I totally want to just vanish, but there are also times when I'm filled with joy. Just try to be grateful because no matter how difficult your situation is, there are people out there who face harder than yours #wise

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