"LENTERA" - IKAT Indonesia by Didiet Maulana

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November 30th, 2015 at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.

One note: when i got here, i was in a super-starving condition. Thank God i got the stamina

Let's get to it.

One of the best moments of the show was poetry reading by Andien Aisyah, it was a perfect way to open the show.

Then the fashion presentation began.

Highlight's on the unique shillouette of the simple black dress

 Clever choice to pair a straight cutting dress with black tights. This look really shows a really cool, modern vibe, completed with a traditional touch on the ankle boots

This is the example of nowaday's trend - slipping our hands in the pocket. Maxi dress with pockets is definitely superb. And after all, it's Hege Wollan that wore it. What could be cooler than that?

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Maxi dress with cutout details is very suitable for slim & slender figure. Not to mention the ah-mazing skintone!!! The model seriously wowed me.

A perfect night look.

I dare you to wear two-piece with...tights & bare your belly

This one is my favorite look for men. Classic preppy style with a twist on the shorts. I always love the idea of teaming turtleneck top with cardigan and any other outerwear. Elegant & genius. You can look super stylish in an easy way possible, without having too much drama. Effortlessly chic.

Adorable. Peek-a-boo touch on the front and playing with maroon scarf.

Legs! Super creative with patchwork playing. This look is out of this world.

Edgy. You gotta have the attitude to pull this off.

It's a classic. It kinda reminds me of Alexa Chung

See you at another fashion show i think.

images: Firisa Ardianti

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