STUDIO 133 BIYAN S/S 2016 Fashion Show

by - 10:40 PM

So thankful I got a chance to see the incredible and stunning collections by Biyan Wanaatmadja, one of the greatest fashion designers in Indonesia. The venue was set to be quite intimate, with a warm and comfortable ambience from the woods. The lighting was golden and it made the show even more beautiful.

My favorite guests were Mesty and Arti Ariotedjo, absolutely. They both looked so amazing and charming. It's like the inner beauties just came out of them. They were also very humble and kind, those things matter to me. My favorite models were participating too. Reti Ragil, Dominique Diyose, Paula Verhoeven, Marcella Tanaya and sooo many others I can't even mention all of them. Effortlessly, stunning.

I'm gonna talk about the women's wear.

The signature accessories are tassel necklace, bold headpice, and hoop earrings. Very pretty. I just admire the pattern playing that Biyan adopted for the pieces, the loose cuttings and the fabrics that fall perfectly. It shows a nice spirit of youth in an elegant way.
Two of the sophisticated dresses with a touch of traditional patterns. They have my favorite length which is midi. It's really wearable for any occasion.

The makeup was perfect by using earthy tones so the beauty of Asian skin could be presented. It was completed by the sleek pull-back hair do.
Mostly, the collections were about Uzbekistanis ikat, checks, embroidery, laces etc. To make them more fun and wearable, Biyan put them onto loose shirts, culottes, shirt dresses, kebaya, cropped pants, etc. It really brings a modern vibe.

images: Firisa Ardianti,

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