That Time I Made My Own Pizza

by - 11:53 PM

Sunday, January 17th 2016.

It was raining, at around 3:50 pm. I sat on my parents' bed watching Monte Carlo. It was a typical sunday, really. Then i got a text from my dad, and then my mom. They just commanded me & my brother to go to my uncle's place, immediately. I changed my clothes in a rush. Thank God i have the ability to decide what to wear efficiently. One quick question from my dad, "do you & ur brother want sirloin?". Yes. It's unquestionable. My love for steaks is unconditional. So i assumed that we're about to have BBQ like we had on NYE party.

At 5 pm, i hopped into GrabCar.

I arrived at around 6. My cousins just sitting on a couch watching movie on Netflix. My uncles, parents, & aunt were just having a casual conversation. I walked to the table, there were two slices of pizza, mom said that my uncle made them himself. It was so good, light, and soft. Then i had steak, it was so juicy & delicious, very well-seasoned. It also made by my uncle. He was pretty good at cooking. It was slightly pink on the inside, my absolute favorite.

After having those indulging meals, i sat on the couch just browsing through the list of movies, trying to decide what to watch. From action to romance, believe me, we ended up watching silly videos that my brother picked on Youtube. Classic.

Wow it's been a long time since the last time i wrote a post this long.

Pizza-making time has arriiiiiiiiived! So excited. The dough has already done so it's a lot easier for me & my cousin to just act like Gordon Ramsay & Jamie Oliver.

So here's how it started. First we kneaded the pizza dough on the wood board, but we spread the flour onto the board and our hands before kneading. The dough was so delicate & kinda sticky, but we managed it well. I put a little amount of olive oil on the baking tray, the circle one. At first we tried to make a thin crust with a bottle, because we didnt have a rolling pin. We failed. So we just simply put the dough on the tray & spread it with our 'pretty' little fingers to the edge (sadly we couldnt do the hand-tossing method). Uncle made the tomato sauce himself & it was yummy, i poured it on top of the dough. Cousin grated the cheese (it was parmesan & mozzarella) & believe me, when you do it yourself, be generous on the tomato sauce & cheese. They will never fail you. Pre-heat the oven (200 Celcius degree), bake it for 10 minutes. Let it do the magic.

Ta-daaaaaaaa! Scrumptious....

We happened to have another batch of dough. So my cousin gave an idea to turn it into mini pizza. She cut the dough into six pieces, we did the same steps like the first pizza, but we used a square tray. This time, we decided to add another topping, smoked beef. I fried the nicely chopped smoked beef, didnt need to add some oil because the smoked beef would release its natural fat & juices. Add the smoked beef & extra extra cheese on top of the dough. Same baking method.


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