a Trip to Japan: Fujikyu Highland

by - 12:51 AM

We were sooo excited for this! We planned to visit the haunted house that is ultimately scary and the world's famous killer roller coaster, Fujiyama. Those were the priorities.

We spent hours and hours to get to Fujikyu Highland. It's a Japanese theme park near the Mount Fuji, so it's undoubtedly cold and windy

This is the haunted house i'm talking about. You can buy a charm too. They say that if you have the charm, the ghost will be weakened. But it's no fun right? Duuuh. Turns out i felt so deppressed in here...I even fell on my two fucking knees.

This was my cure after the 30-mins journey in the haunted house. I literally ran out of breath because of running and screaming. My heart was beating so fast. And i was not exaggerating. I couldn't even join my cousins for Fujiyama roller coaster because i was still exhausted. But the haunted house is definitely worth a try, believe me.

This made me calm and warm a bit too

Out for dinner in Shinjuku

I ordered salted salmon. It was sooo tasty...

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