a Trip to Japan: Kyoto

by - 7:07 PM

It's my 9th day in Japan and our last destination was Kyoto. The idea was to try out some kimono and feel pretty.

This was what we had to go through. We walked up to the hill to find a good kimono rental store. It's kinda pricey, though. If you want to see my choice of kimono, you can see on my Instagram @fi_risa. After changing, we went straight to the temple to take some photos.

This was the view from the top of the temple. Refreshing...

After the temple trip, we went down to the local markets. And look what we found, some kind of Totoro village going on here... It's so cute, there even has a giant Totoro sitting comfortly.

Just a street in Kyoto that is so peaceful.

Then we went back to Osaka... to do some last shopping, sadly.

My last look of Osaka :'(

I was waiting for my cousin on the outside of Apple store and two girls carrying 1D Official Shop bags walked in front of me. I stopped them immediately and asked them where was this heavenly store of 1D. Then i found it. Normally i just give you this 1 teaser because i didnt have much time to take photos of the store, i was 'a bit' preoccupied.

This is Pablo, a super delicious tart shop in Shinsaibashi. I've wanted to go there the first time i saw it. I tried its chocolate tart and it tasted like heaven. One is not enough.

Just a glimpse of Osaka when i was flying to Tokyo...

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