a Trip to Japan: Ueno & Asakusa

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It's about time for me to have a vacation after long and hectic activities. I got a chance to go to Japan, a beautiful country with breathtaking views, fresh air and delightful street food and dishes, and sweets too! I spent 10 days there, and it was full of exciting times. Here i give you highlights of my trip, some things that caught my attention along my vacation in Ueno and Asakusa.

This was Shinjuku - the place where i stayed - when the first time i got here. It was cold, about 11 degrees Celcius. It was a bit tiring cause i had to carry my baggage with me around these walking people.

The room where i shared with my cousin. So tiny but comfortable. It's APA Shinjuku Hotel. The best thing about this hotel? The Amenity series by Shiseido in the bathroom.

One pastry and green tea latte from Choco Cro for my breakfast before i headed to Ueno Park. Scrumptious...

First stop, Ueno Park.

Sakura-sightings at Ueno Park. So beautiful... I got a magnificent feeling when i stood under the sakura trees. Peaceful.

Hang your hopes here.

Next, Asakusa

Markets on your right and left.

Delicious niku udon for my lunch. So good... the restaurant is so tiny with a traditional Japanese ambience, and has a Tripadvisor sticker. 

They believe that the smokes will give them luck.

Pay 100 yen and get your prophecy here. 

A glimpse of Ikebukuro.

Indulging chicken katsu curry for dinner at Cocoichibana

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