Disney & Coach Collaborate in a Cutest Way Possible

by - 7:07 PM

I just found out this morning that this collab exists. The collections are literally super cute and stylish, mostly using leather material resulting a coolest look. Even though it's super cute having fashion stuff you wear since you were an itsy bitsy kid, the collections are simple and versatile, so you don't really have that too-childish vibe - in short, it's totally wearable for us young adults.

Love that cute little sling bag very much

The sling-bags in these collections are to die for!

I love every single thing that are shown in the picture. The mustard leather skirt, the brown tote bag, THE SNEAKERS - oh God.

Even I'm falling in love with the men's collections. Especially the messenger bag. It is totally okay to wear cartoonic thing once in a while though ;) The design is not too overwhelming for boys.

Aced it! It has the feminine and tomboy style at the same time. Such a perfection in simplicity.

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