A Quick Trip to Bandung

by - 5:40 PM

Weeks ago, we planned a one-day trip to Bandung, just to get away from a hectic daily life and have some refreshments. Personally i was aiming for the exciting culinary adventure there.


The first time we arrived in Bandung, we headed to Farmhouse. It's been so famous lately especially on Instagram. Overall the place is nice, clean and pretty.

The first passage

We had to pass through them first, the guys inspired by the Texas Chainsaw. They're not scary, just annoying ;p

I didn't really get the concept here, is it for happy family getaway or a town of terror?

I found this cute store which sold very cute handicrafts.

Pretty pretty flowers in pooots

Cute magneeets!

They have home decorations as well.

There are cages of many kinds of animals too.

Feed and play with them.

This is one of my favorite shots. The cat looks so on point!


The first stop of our culinary trips started here.

They have giant koi fish.

This was my order for our late lunch at 2 pm. It's Monster Burger. It's so delicious and fulfilling, with tasty french fries, patty, melted cheese and giant stack of onion fritters. It's absolutely satisfying.

Overall, the place's so nice and comfy .


Next was this cute litte dessert shop. It sells ice creams with various toppings, delightful whoppie pies and others.

The front look.

The use so many kinds of floaties as decorations on the wall. This Tootsie Roll was one of them. 

This was my order, cheese whoppie pie with fruity pebbles. God it's so good and indulging... Overall, the prices are reasonable.

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