My Top 6 Must-Click Online Sites

by - 3:37 AM

When I'm feeling bored or running out of ideas, I have some websites that I always visit almost everyday. I naturally thinking about websites with themes that I have a passion for, like food, fashion and lifestyle. And those passions lead me to:

Harper's Bazaar

As one of the top leading fashion magazines in the world, of course this is my go-to website.


 There are so many interesting articles that open my mind. It reveals some of the coolest trends which are very age-appropriate.


I love this website so much. It is well-updated. I feel so much easier to keep up on fashion seasons on this website.

The Blonde Salad

My ultimate favorite fashion blogger personal web. Owned by Chiara Ferragni, this website is super user-friendly. The articles are truly interesting, very informative. The outfit ideas and fashion trends that she present on her web are very versatile and fabulous. I don't doubt her ability to do fashion stuff for sure. It's not just about fashion, she also gives beauty, hair and makeup tips that are so applicable. Super love!


This online fashion site is very useful especially to find outfit ideas for daily basis.

BuzzFeed Quizzes

It has so much fun quizzes, perfect for killing boredoms. My favorite quizzes are the ones related to personality, food, Harry Potter and celebrities.

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