Giorgio Armani Resort 2017

by - 9:16 PM

I am instantly falling in love with the collections. It is super chic and feminine. I curated my favorite looks, just to show you how brilliant they are. The 2017's resort collections just keep getting better & better! God I can't take this anymore!

Love the cardigan, love the wide-leg pants, love the red shiny loafers. The pairings of red and navy-blue color are perfect.

The blazer is amaziiing!

Love it from head to toe!

What a cute combination!

This is strikingly fashionable!

A casual look that I absolutely adore! I mostly love the shorts and the jacket.

The shoes are genius.

The color palletes are very calming. If I wore this, I would be happy instantly. For me, there is something about this look that can affect the mood, in a positive way.

When i look at this outfit, I am thinking about a semi casual night out and good laughs that I'll have all night.

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