Vans x Toy Story

by - 12:31 AM

Finallyyyyyyyy I'm back on blogging! I think this post makes a good comeback for me, yep.

When I was regularly browsing through one of my favorite websites,, I surprisingly found this shocking article titled 'Vans Collaborates With Disney Pixar On Toy Story Sneakers'. I was like 'What is this?!'... Totally freaked out. I'm beyond happy.

Those aliens on the sleeve though...

The sneakers also have that 'Andy' handwriting too, just like how Andy labels his toys.

I absolutely love this one #allhailBuzzLightyear

I adore this one too! The sneakers have that plaid pattern from Woody's shirt! It's totally a classic Toy Story style.

It's totally cuuute! It reminds me of that Barbie character in the movie. The pastel colors are adorable.

Simple, but this shirt makes a bold statement. Who doesn't love these kawaii characters?!


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