A Trip to Bali part 2

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Day 2

The second day! We decided to watch Barong dance in Sanur in the morning. We had Western-style breakfast consisted of mushroom, scrambled egg, fried egg and toasts before that.

The minute we wanted to hop on the mini van, we made a little birthday celebration for my aunt.

Chocolate cake from Bali Bakery was specially prepared

Let's go to watch the legendary Barong dance! We got a little late, maybe it was already the 3rd/4th/5th stage of the show when we arrived. I didn't really keep up.

 Then we went to Warung Eropa for lunch. I had the creamy Pasta Carbonara and the most sour and refreshing lemonade I've ever drunk.

This one was unique. My cousin ordered Yakult Booze, which was actually an orange-pineapple juice blended together with Yakult. Interesting presentation though

Next, we went to have an indulging gelato at Gusto. The queue was quite insane.

 There were so many options! This picture only showed the left part, there was actually another part on the right. I picked one flavor called Prandillo or something, I forgot. You can actually have only one or two different flavors in one cup, both in the same price #happiness

It was this one. So, good

Then, we went to Seminyak Square. I planned to find a perfect swimsuit, but again... failed. 

There was a line of local bazaar, selling summer dresses, pants and accessories. The collection was great and the price was quite reasonable. My mom got a printed dress

Returned to villa.

Dipped my feet for a while to release fatigue

Next, getting ready for the real birthday celebration that was birthday dinner at Potato Head Beach Club. Before that, we took some photos together with a black/white dresscode at the villa.

The sunset at Potato Head

For the drink, I ordered Vanilla Ice Coffee

and Handmade Linguini for the main course

Nex chapter: "A Trip to Bali part 3" :)

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  1. Thanks to sharing your trip experience with us,really bali is ultimate destination for several amazing things and basically it is famous for its temple, green views beaches etc.

    1. my pleasure! yes it is a truly remarkable place!