A Trip to Bali part 1

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On October 22, I went to Bali in order to celebrate my aunt's birthday on October 23rd. My flight was in early morning so it made me quite sleepy, but I was also really excited to go to Bali with my family! This was my third time. I flew with Garuda Indonesia and I spent my flight watching Finding Dory, listening to M2M songs and eating delicious rice + chicken.

Day 1
I arrived in Bali in the afternoon and we went straight to Made's Warung for lunch. I ordered Nasi Campur and had its dark chocolate gelato #satisfied. We also picked up some tasty brownies there.

Then we arrived at Villa Kinara in Seminyak. It was kind of secluded and sooo comfy and soothing.

My welcome drink

The view from the balcony

They got a bit preoccupied

This was the room I shared with my cousin upstairs

After resting a bit in the villa, we went to Menega Cafe in Jimbaran to have the best seafood by the beach.

We ordered grilled fish, shrimps, fried battered squid, crabs, and the most delightful for me was the clams.

Some people flew lanterns which made the night looked so beautiful and romantic.

Then we went to supermarket to buy some snacks and stuff. I was looking for a swimsuit but didn't get the type that I wanted.

Head back to the bed.

See you on the next chapter, 'A Trip to Bali part 2' :)

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  1. Nice click from your bali trip,we have been making plan for a family trip to Bali in next year,after that i will share my experience through wonderful blog.

    1. thank you, i'm so glad you like it! i hope you have an amazing time in Bali!