A Trip to Bali part 3

by - 7:40 PM

Day 3

The last day... We decided to go to Ku De Ta for brunch. It was one sunny day.

The latest of Ku De Ta fyi

 I was having smoothie consisted of raspberry, kiwi and other fruits that I didn't remember. I already had too many sweet and creamy food/drinks in Bali so I thought that having a refreshing sour treat would be the best pick. I needed Vitamin C anyway to keep me fit and healthy

This was hot cakes which was absolutely delicious. The pancakes were so moist and very delightful. The sauce were maple syrup and blueberry

-Checking out

-Went to Krisna to buy gifts 

-Lunch at Wardani

-Airport; finally i got to finish watching the rest of Finding Dory

Then oh my God, it's already Jakarta.

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